May 22, 2024

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2023 Westernations

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The Aero Racing Team were excited to run the Westernations in 2024, to try out a new D Series PSI screw blower team owner PC has secured and fitted to the car.

First qualifying pass for the meeting was at 2pm and a nice straight 6.30 @ 213.7mph gave tuner PC enough safe data to see the difference in boost from an B Series PSI, to a D Series PSI and get the tune close. A 0.005 reaction time was positive for the driver – converting from the normal Pro Tree to the Competition bracket Countdown Tree.

“Numbers were very safe and the engine was very rich – hence the slow ET” said PC, “But the data was invaluable for the next run. Boost at 125 over on the B Series was 53 pounds – the D Series made the same boost at 105 over. I took a heap of fuel out of the tune and prepared for Q2”

The next run was a tragedy for the team. The car launched hard and went 0.954 to the 60′, and incrementals to 1,000′ quicker than our PB 5.87 – but the car drifted right and PC found it hard to pull it back. The altered passed through the finish line, parachutes came out – and the rest is a total mystery. The car ended up rolling three or four times and coming to a halt on it’s side near the end of the track.

PC was able to remove himself from the car once it was righted, and was attended to by the ambulance staff. PC was relayed to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment and after extensive CT scans, X-rays, overnight observation in Beehive, he was released to go home.

“I felt alright amazingly, no pain or damage. I was kept in for observation because I could not remember the run. To this day I still can’t remember what happened. We have video footage of the last few rolls of the car – but no footage or eye witness reports that told us what happened”.

“The unofficial cause of the accident was probably a combination of factors. The strong cross winds at that point of the track may have upset the car, as it bounced during braking – possibly causing the car to cross up a little. The strain of a crossed up car bouncing down on the left front A-Arm caused it to beak, and cause the rolling”.

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