April 14, 2024

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2023 Summer Slam

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With the 2 weeks off, the team were keen to fire up the Altered and lay down some times to further our development. First pass mid arvo in the heat, saw the tyres smoke on the hit – “hmm track a little different from last meeting.” Paul mentioned

PC gave the launch retard curve with a fine adjustment for the compulsory qualifier – still a soft tuneup, and a nice straight 5.89 put the team in 5th position in Top Comp.

We drew the Gullotto Team and their Soarer for the first round – almost a second slower on handicap.

“The faster car has a big disadvantage on a pro tree, as there is no trigger point to start the two step process. I waited for the Soarer to leave, came up on the two step and waited for the orange. Seemed like forever, and a 0.085 light was good but the blower belt had different ideas and snapped in half. A little disappointed as the Soarer had difficulties on the run.”

The Altered ran perfect all day and crew were brilliant. We will take our Christmas break and come back for more development in the new year.

Photo credit Phil Reeve – Sports Photographer

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