April 14, 2024

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2023 Goldenstates

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Aero Racing presented for Pro Alcohol with four other West Aussies at the Goldenstates, to take on Sydney racer Russel Mills.

“We were keen to race in Group 1 in the NDRC and showcase Pro Alcohol as part of a resurgence of the class here in Perth” said PC.

The crew fitted a new MSD Grid computer to overcome exhaust flaming issues from last meeting, but struggled to get down the track.

A 6.64 qualified the team 6th to take on Mills in his dragster in round 1. The car turned the tyres on the hit and coasted through.

Tuneup changes were made in tight turnarounds to tackle the launch problem, but in round 2 again the tyres blew off. Lucky for us Glasby red lit so we got the win.

Taking on Danny in the C Final the crew put the old computer back in and got back into the fives with a 5.96, but a 0.011 red light gave the win to the other altered.

Very cool to see three altereds in the class, with possibly four other altereds nearly ready to return to racing.

Amazing job by all the crew over two very hot days. Thanks to Hadyn, John, Stuart, Mark, Julie, Russell, and Kristy.

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