April 14, 2024

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2023 Battle of the Beach

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A good thrash and a bit of luck got the Aero Altered ready for the Battle at the Beach meeting at the Perth Motorplex, after ending up in the sand last meeting. Featuring Nitro and Blown Alcohol Teams, the good weather resulted in a reasonable crowd for the day.

The first qualifier at 2.30 resulted in the Altered almost blowing the tyres off on the hit, producing a smoking first gear with little traction – ET 6.70 was not ideal but ended up putting us second in qualifying as most teams struggled with the track.

For the compulsory qualifier at 5.30 we decided to try something different with tyre pressures, but again we struggled with traction and had to abort.

First eliminator was up against Top Doorslammer driver Maurice Brennan. On the hit for the burnout, the engine just stopped. Back in the pits the crew discovered the blower quill shaft has sheared – and the snout bearing had failed – possibly caused by the impact with the net at the previous meeting. We thought we had been pretty thorough with our inspections for damage, but this one caught us out. Many thanks to Dennis at High Speed Engineering for reverse engineering a rear brake bracket that got damaged by the parachute wrapping around the diff. Thanks also to Top Alcohol racer Sandro Bellio from Belgium for sending over rare Lamb replacement carbon brakes, and John Zappia for supplying Lamb brake calipers.

Congratulations to Nigel Johnson for the win in Blown Alcohol – the only team in the bracket to get down the track all day.

The team were happy to just get back racing so quick, and look forward to a little break before the Westernationals in early March.

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