April 14, 2024

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Exciting Group 1 Drag Racing


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Twelve very different cars fronted for the 52nd Westernationals this weekend in Competition – a group 2 bracket racing off National ANDRA Indexes. Blown alcohol, turbos, rotaries and normally aspirated dragsters all off very different handicaps.

The AERO Racing Top Alcohol altered formed a new paint job over the break, with everyone giving great positive feedback saying it was different, but very very cool! PC finally gave the 125 over tune up a go and all went well with that.

On a tricky mid track for altereds, we managed a pedalling 6.66, then a pedalling 6.33 in qualifying. A track prep prior to our last qualifier really helped, with a dead straight 5.855 @ 220mph locking us away in fourth and under the 5.88 index.

After some early morning servicing, we matched up against Jon Ferguson in the Belair in AA/AP trim for round 1. A pedalling 5.957 got the win against Jon’s 6.506.

We had a tough second round match up against No 1 qualifier Craig Geddes who was running four tenths under his index (how does that ever happen). PC hotted the Hemi up to have a chance, and very nearly pulled it off.

“I cut a great 0.060 light and went 0.936 to sixty feet, but second gear was all over the track – I was not going to lift and was lock to lock trying to control the beast. Half track incrementals were quicker than the 5.855 from the day before. I could not find the top gear shifter in all the steering wheel madness, so went through on the limiter for a 6.00 to loose to Geddes by about twenty feet.

All in all a great weekend and had an almost flawless race car. Couple of valve springs to change over the weekend but that was about it.

Crew were awesome all weekend and the PB a bonus for all.

Photos by: Leslie Preney

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