April 14, 2024

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Night of Fire

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Night of Fire wrap up

The Aero Racing team minus a few members due holidays, and with PC only just back from his honeymoon overseas, headed into the Night of Fire with some new stuff to try.

The tyre shake has been doing PC’s head in, but thanks to Rory Taylor from Speed Torque a solution was suggested with tyres.

First pass saw the Aero Altered carry the front wheels a long way with a smooth 0.958 sixty foot launch, but after hitting second gear the gearbox did not shift. A pedal and shift to third got it going again and driving it out the back door for a 6.11.

Back in the pits the crew were busy welding up the drive line cover that dropped off, and headed out for Q2.

The car took off smoothly again but was plagued with gearbox issues and managed a 6.4.

If its one thing the crew can do well, its a 20 min gearbox change swapping out the spare B&J box enabling us to head out for the eliminator against McClure’s Torana. Unfortunately another smooth 0.948 launch was marred by a red light by PC and a wander to the right that required a few pedals to manage a 6.4.

Really happy with the tyre solution and we now have a complete car to fine tune for race day. Crew were amazing for what was thrown at them this weekend.

Photo thanks to Phil Reeve

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