July 15, 2024

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Blown Alcohol All Stars

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Aero Racing presented for their last race meeting of the 22/23 season at the Perth Motorplex in the Blown Alcohol class – an exhibition class of Top Alcohol and Top Doorslammer teams.

Coming off a 5.855 personal best time from the Westernationals, the team were keen to continue the progression of the Aero Top Alcohol Altered to representative times for the class.

The qualifying pass at 2.30pm highlighted a technical problem when the trans brake failed to operate on the start line. Driving an altered requires both hands on the wheel as PC pushes the steering wheel button when both stage lights illuminate and whacks the throttle full down – then lets the button off to launch. In this case the car moved forward and red lit – taking off too early. The run was straight and quick, but no times were recorded.

Back in the pits the crew discovered the Quickdrive trans brake clutches required replacement. That was carried out after removing and refitting the gearbox. We only just missed the compulsory qualifier at 6pm.

The track officials allowed the car to run at the back of the field at 8.30, and the car launched very hard and headed right. PC was able to hold it off the centreline until the tyres started turning in second gear, at which point he got off the power at around 1,000 feet. A 6.0 time showed the incrementals similar to the 5.855 previously.

The Zappia Racing supplied ZR-1 Hemi is performing flawlessly, and the team look forward to more racing next year.

What a great year of racing with all the team support and sponsors. We are very grateful to have everyone helping and backing us 100%.

To have achieved a 5 sec pass has been a goal for over 10 years! What a thrill – with this only giving us more and more desire to keep racing and to chase a championship.

Photo – Ian Moore

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