July 15, 2024

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2022 Top Fuel Round

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Aero Racing presented for the Top Fuel round at the Perth Motorplex, and ran in Competition as this was an ANDRA National Meeting.

First qualifier we had shake out of the hole with the track being better than last meeting.

Made the required tuneup adjustments and launched very hard in Q2 and did a 0.955 60 foot time but just got out of the groove and buttoned off for a 7.05.

Q3 saw a pesky air valve cause lack of drive on the hit.

Round one we were matched with the Gullotto Lexus V8 Soarer. We again had some front wheel shimmy during braking after the burnout, and it broke a relay in the front computer box killing the Hemi engine. A little disappointing but racing has its ups and downs, and we will continue to make the car more shake proof. The Toyota cammer caused very little shake, so Hemi life is teaching us to configure the car slightly differently.

The Soarer went on the win the event – big congrats to the team.

Great to see a huge crowd come out and watch the Top Fuel teams – always a great show.

Congratulations to John Zappia for his wins and National Record. Our racing mentor sure can tune and drive!

Thanks to our great crew for another stellar effort.

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