April 14, 2024

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2022 Blown Alcohol

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Aero Racing was one of four cars at the Perth Motorplex for the Blown Alcohol Allstars event this weekend.

The team was keen to get some reliable straight passes in, after a gremlin featured last event.

Minor changes to weight and steering were made to get the car to run straight in the break.

First pass in qualifying saw the Top Alcohol altered suffer tyre shake off the line.

“The track ended up being quite different to last meeting and wheel speed was way high” said Paul Carey

“I toned the tune down and tried again and nearly got it, but again had tyre shake in the compulsory qualifier”

“More tuning adjustments were required, and I hit the sweet spot in round 1 against Nigel Johnson in the dragster”

A 6.049 @ 232mph was not enough to beat Nigel’s dragster, but it was well regarded by the team as a nice straight pass.

The B Final up against fellow altered racer Danny Costello ended up as a solo as Danny had suffered some damage.

“I didn’t make any changes for the final but the weather turned a little and was enough to put us back into shake again in the solo final. A little frustrating with lots of schooling to come to stay in the sweet zone”

Overall the team were impressed with a faultless car all day, and the crew enjoyed getting into their groove with no pressure. The 6.04 an encouraging pass.

“There is a lot left in the tune up yet, but we needed a good baseline to build from. Small measurable increments now will see us move into the fives”.

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